Pop'n'Gum from Ashley Erickson on Vimeo.

A love story... kinda.

Pop'n'Gum was inspired by the song "Pop'N'Gum" by Superbus. The French lyrics translate to be about popping bubbles when chewing gum. However, it sounded like it was more about Bonnie & Clyde type characters to me.

It developed into a dark comedy after adapting the sweets theme to the weaponry and visual style. 'Bomb-pops', C4 ice cream cones, a napalm/whip cream-thrower, and a gumball minigun disguised as a giddy desert helped fuel grim undertones.

Music: Pop'n'Gum by Superbus


Been crazy busy yet again. I'm in charge of all the art direction and animation for a mobile game at work. I get to do all the 2d/3d/animation assets... everything. It's awesome, I love my job! I also just finished up an animation for the Minnesota Electronic Theater. Pulled some long nights/days with that one, but I'm really happy with the outcome. I've got some additional freelance coming in for those flash games I did awhile back too. That should be fun. :P

I did some sketches today while I rendered out a video for a product at work. This style is super fun and quick to pump out. I have a project on the backburner done this way that I'd love to get to at some point.

Also, I've included a screenshot from the animation I did for MET. I was originally going to post the video before the festival, but a couple people suggested I wait - so I will. Here's a sneak peek though. A still from the first shot! :D

.:Ono-Ala (6-wing) = [Complete]:.

Finally was able to finish this. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. My main focus was to have similar traits between the two. Maybe hinting at a faction of people who might worship the bug. Simple stuff like that. :P I'm quite happy with the colors. ^-^

._Uillea Desert_.

I've been crazy busy lately. Finished a bunch of 3d images and animations for a client I did Flash interactives for in the past. I'll be done with 3 games for another client coming up shortly. Starting to look for more work/a new job as well. Still kind of bare out there job wise.

I'm still plugging away at my personal projects. I love having lots of irons in the pot. :D

I got some time and did a little concept exercise last night for an hour or so. I had interviewed Bungie's talent scout/HR person a couple months ago. She asked me for samples of my work and ended up sending it to Bungie's Art Director. He was awesome and gave me feedback - so I've been applying it! ^-^ An amazing experience in all, I was very lucky.

I was inspired by bagpipes. I know right.

Uillea Desert

.:Ono-Ala (6-wing) = [progress 4]:.

I got some more time to work on this. I'm also working on 3 other personal projects which I'm super excited about. Hopefully I get time to work on them between freelancing and job searching.
(The company I worked for recently went under.)

I rounded out her chin more. I also realized her eye looked really messed up and wasn't at the right angle. I added more detail to the hair. I redid the dragonfly-esque bug to have a bit more personality. I wanted him more curious. I added a tattoo too. This has become a nice here-and-there piece.

.:Ono-Ala (6-wing) = [progress 3]:.

Added an hour to this. Wanted plastic looking wings and improved braids. I also added a fun lil earpiece thing. LoL.

I gotta round out her jaw a lil below her ear... she's looking too much like a dude.


I've been freelancing a lot lately and also moving, so I haven't been updating as much as I'd like. Hopefully within the next month I can get some more up and going.

This was an environment exercise without reference. Done in an hour.

Random sketch I ended up wanting to color.

Figured I'd try to make it a color study. Hopefully will get to finish it soon after life cools down. ^_^


I thought it'd be neat to flesh out one of my characters realistically. I wanted to touch on those cheesy ads where there's a lot of cg going on but the main people are real. (And the women usually look surprised for some reason?)

First, the costume sketch for one of my characters from a personal project.

Second, the real photo with painted elements and 3d placement planning.

Third, the rough of the painted elements fleshed out and basic 3d implemented.

Depending on the background, it'll still need some color correction, polished 3d, some hover effects(on the skates), and to be better integrated into the scene. Turning out to be a super fun piece! :D

Update 3/12/10:
I put in a super simple reflective background. Everything else I tried (city, street, beach scene) was too busy. Still might put in some other effects (neon glow streaks or something). I might make it into an ad for the Beebot, her boost boots, or something to that effect. (Click to enlarge)


Update 3/15/10:
Done me thinks. Slapped some brand-like text on it and improved the colors a bit.


Mpls Art Community topic: Artifact

So to me, religious artifacts of any sort are interesting. The whole, supernatural tied to the physical deal. I wanted to do something relating to that and I ended up going a bit dark with it.

I sort of mixed together a pipe organ and the idea of an electric chair but with fire instead of electricity. As well as some flamethrower type parts. The idea was that a psycho-religious-cult of some sort would have a sinner confess while in the throne, and then set them on fire to purge them on their way to the afterlife. I named the throne, "Sanctus Ignis" (or Holy Fire). "Forgiven" is written in Greek on the upper part of the throne. The original drawing had fire coming out of demon horns, but I thought their design was too far away from the rest of it so I replaced them with french horns. I would also imagine that when fired, the horns sound.

Don't worry - I'm not insane... yet. :)

(It's still a lil rough and concept-y, but you get the point)



Mpls Art Community topic: 1,000 Years in the Future

I wanted to take a simple concept - like a crib - and redesign it with some sweet specs. :D

Complete with:
- Fun holographic shapes
- Space age mattress technology
- Soft yellow floor lighting for mom
- ...and antigravity for that extra cushion


I was challenged to do a quick painting of one of my stuffed animals in flight for fun.

The japanese pronounce hamster, "ham-u-sta". I love it ^-^

(This plushie is huge btw, it's like 2 ft in diameter)


I've always liked manatees. And I also like World of Warcraft.


I made an epic manatee mount, because I yearn for one. :D


Mpls Art Community topic: Zombies

I didn't feel like doing something scary or realistic. I wanted to put a cute spin on it. Zombies nom brains, but perhaps lovingly? :P


8-Bit character redesign/reimagining

I wanted to do Megaman in a Renaissance style. ^-^ Annnnd I was listening to The Protomen (Unrest in the House of Light). Check'em out. Amazing-Megaman-rock-opera-passion-explosion! :P

Work in progress shots on my site.


.Unrest in the House of Light.


Mpls Art Community topic: Self-Portrait
Work in progress shots on my portfolio site.

.Bubbles N' Bots.