Mpls Art Community topic: Artifact

So to me, religious artifacts of any sort are interesting. The whole, supernatural tied to the physical deal. I wanted to do something relating to that and I ended up going a bit dark with it.

I sort of mixed together a pipe organ and the idea of an electric chair but with fire instead of electricity. As well as some flamethrower type parts. The idea was that a psycho-religious-cult of some sort would have a sinner confess while in the throne, and then set them on fire to purge them on their way to the afterlife. I named the throne, "Sanctus Ignis" (or Holy Fire). "Forgiven" is written in Greek on the upper part of the throne. The original drawing had fire coming out of demon horns, but I thought their design was too far away from the rest of it so I replaced them with french horns. I would also imagine that when fired, the horns sound.

Don't worry - I'm not insane... yet. :)

(It's still a lil rough and concept-y, but you get the point)


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