I thought it'd be neat to flesh out one of my characters realistically. I wanted to touch on those cheesy ads where there's a lot of cg going on but the main people are real. (And the women usually look surprised for some reason?)

First, the costume sketch for one of my characters from a personal project.

Second, the real photo with painted elements and 3d placement planning.

Third, the rough of the painted elements fleshed out and basic 3d implemented.

Depending on the background, it'll still need some color correction, polished 3d, some hover effects(on the skates), and to be better integrated into the scene. Turning out to be a super fun piece! :D

Update 3/12/10:
I put in a super simple reflective background. Everything else I tried (city, street, beach scene) was too busy. Still might put in some other effects (neon glow streaks or something). I might make it into an ad for the Beebot, her boost boots, or something to that effect. (Click to enlarge)


Update 3/15/10:
Done me thinks. Slapped some brand-like text on it and improved the colors a bit.