._Uillea Desert_.

I've been crazy busy lately. Finished a bunch of 3d images and animations for a client I did Flash interactives for in the past. I'll be done with 3 games for another client coming up shortly. Starting to look for more work/a new job as well. Still kind of bare out there job wise.

I'm still plugging away at my personal projects. I love having lots of irons in the pot. :D

I got some time and did a little concept exercise last night for an hour or so. I had interviewed Bungie's talent scout/HR person a couple months ago. She asked me for samples of my work and ended up sending it to Bungie's Art Director. He was awesome and gave me feedback - so I've been applying it! ^-^ An amazing experience in all, I was very lucky.

I was inspired by bagpipes. I know right.

Uillea Desert

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