Been crazy busy yet again. I'm in charge of all the art direction and animation for a mobile game at work. I get to do all the 2d/3d/animation assets... everything. It's awesome, I love my job! I also just finished up an animation for the Minnesota Electronic Theater. Pulled some long nights/days with that one, but I'm really happy with the outcome. I've got some additional freelance coming in for those flash games I did awhile back too. That should be fun. :P

I did some sketches today while I rendered out a video for a product at work. This style is super fun and quick to pump out. I have a project on the backburner done this way that I'd love to get to at some point.

Also, I've included a screenshot from the animation I did for MET. I was originally going to post the video before the festival, but a couple people suggested I wait - so I will. Here's a sneak peek though. A still from the first shot! :D