I started this one out knowing I wanted a wise, child-like character with a dreamy expression and some funky attire. Along the lines of maybe a religious figure.

I apologize for the video jumping around sometimes. I had to edit together a few sessions. This one ended up a bit long because of it. The jittering at some parts is because I select the layers to find them...makes for a bit of a seizurific experience. :P Heat of the moment! Sometimes there's no time to name things! :D

.cherubic.reverie. from Ashley Erickson on Vimeo.

I'm really excited for summer and moving into a house. I almost bought a 6ft tall canvas the other day. I want to paint something huge so badly, but I don't have the room at the moment. Bah!


  1. Really like the colors and the feathers in this. :)

  2. Ok... I used to think your art was great.

    But now having seen this... you aren't even human.

    Great job!

    -- Clint

  3. Thanks guys!

    LOL Clint! Of course I'm not human. We've talked about this. (also, thank you very much lol)