I. Have. Been. Busy. Wow.

I have two games at work coming out soon that I did all the art and animation assets for. As well as helping design some of the mechanics and gameplay. One is an exclusive release for a certain device that will be one of the first on their mobile marketplace. So I'm pretty excited for that. The other is a 3d game, it'll be interesting to see how it does. We started developing a new game at work where I get to do character design and story. I'm pumped for it, it's gonna be super fun. I'm also working on two games as a personal project with some friends. One for XBL and one for iPhone/iPod. We want to take our time with them though, so it might be a lil bit. I also started playing Rift. I needed a different MMO than WoW and Tera doesn't have a US release date other than 2011. I can't wait for Portal either. Preorders don't ship soon enough.

We're also planning our wedding and buying a house. So yeah, good busy overall lol. :P

I've also been making jewelry like a madwoman lately. Not sure exactly what started that bug, but it bit hard. I've been putting up my designs on another blog. I didn't wanna clutter this one.
Link: Snapdangle!

I haven't been drawing much at home lately. And I can't put up any of the preliminary concept work for any of the games which is a tiny bit of a bummer. However, I did want to sketch battle hamsters from around the world the other night. :P