Blog posts might trickle in for awhile. I've been in the beginning stages of a graphic novel in my free time. Feels great to stretch out my skills. I'm really excited to get it out there. :D

Superbus tweeted Pop'n'Gum on April 28th!
Link: Superbus Twitter
It was awesome! I thought I should send it to them considering I made it with their song. I'm so glad they liked it! (Had to translate the French, but that's what I got out of it! lol!) I had so much fun making it. ^-^ It would make a sweet game...

Bubble Popper came out on the Nook Color and Android. It's cute, I had fun making it. I'm currently working on the iOS port. 3D Brick Breaker will be coming out on the Nook Color, Android, and iOS soon as well. It's also quite fun. ^-^ The iOS and tablet ports always look so snazzy. :P


I've been working on mechanics, concepts, characters, and story for the next title. I have a lot of confidence in it. It's cute, silly, and has solid mechanics. :D

I submitted a sketch for Sketcholic's recent contest. I plan on submitting every chance I get. I like how they're small contests that don't require polished work. (And you can win neat lil prizes off it. :P )

This contest's subject was Water Fairy. I didn't get to spend much time with it. But I like the puffer ^-^ He's special.


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