Studio is at a point where it's not polished but I can start working in it! :D I'm excited. I've got a place for traditional work, digital, and a jewelry/sculpting center. It's not fully cleared up yet but it's the most cozy place I've ever had to be creative.
I'm very lucky. ^_^
When it's fully finished I'll post a pic or two of it. Hopefully I'll be able to add a space for my music in there at some point too. I miss playing piano.

I've decided to add another iron in the fire. Here's a quick concept for it:

Not sure where it'll get placed in the list of things I'm workin' on lol but I will get to it!
I... wanna brush up on my 3d too. lol
Mayhaps I'm a bit too ambitious at times... but it makes me happy. ^-^

I also want to dive into the graphic novel again, but it proves to be a bit of a seasonally inspired project. The palette is primarily dominated by autumn tones. The cold is setting in here soon though, so we'll see what happens. :)

The video I made for the brick breaker game we did has almost 6,000 views now! Woo! I'm hoping people are liking it. It's a nice change of perspective (literally) on the classic. I did the 3d and art assets for it. Grant, the dev on the game, is a code wizard. He did an awesome job!

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