It's been a LONG time since I did any ink/inkwash.
I've missed it.
I enjoy working in grayscale.
I did some ink work a couple nights ago, this was one of my better ones.
I'm quite out of practice...

Decided to get my Halloween on this year by doing a Crow tribute. I've always loved the graphic novel and movie. James O'Barr is so absolutely raw in the graphic novel. It's fantastic. I honestly think that it translated from comic to movie better - if not the best - than others that have tried.
RiP Brandon Lee.

Here were the sketches I ended up liking the best.
(Style is based off the graphic novel.)
I wanted to give Eric crow wings ^-^
I think I'll go with finishing the right one.
More angsty :P

Still trucking on the new music video and graphic novel.
I have some concepts I can throw up of the video soon.
Almost done with the 4min animatic.
Slow process, but great fun. :P


Drew up a bunch of these lil fall/winter monsters the other night.
Thought I'd pick a few n' color'em. ^-^
Was torn between doing b&w tones or drab colors.
Went with the colors.

Busy with some 3d freelance for an old client and staying late at work for a sweet game. Did particles and character animations this week. Gonna get back on track with some personal projects soon (Hopefully).
Fall this year has been absolutely GORGEOUS!
Gotta admit I'm dreading the cold a bit.
I like crunchy, warm leaves :D

)) r.i.p. and thank you ((