It's been a LONG time since I did any ink/inkwash.
I've missed it.
I enjoy working in grayscale.
I did some ink work a couple nights ago, this was one of my better ones.
I'm quite out of practice...

Decided to get my Halloween on this year by doing a Crow tribute. I've always loved the graphic novel and movie. James O'Barr is so absolutely raw in the graphic novel. It's fantastic. I honestly think that it translated from comic to movie better - if not the best - than others that have tried.
RiP Brandon Lee.

Here were the sketches I ended up liking the best.
(Style is based off the graphic novel.)
I wanted to give Eric crow wings ^-^
I think I'll go with finishing the right one.
More angsty :P

Still trucking on the new music video and graphic novel.
I have some concepts I can throw up of the video soon.
Almost done with the 4min animatic.
Slow process, but great fun. :P


  1. the first image is awesome, i love her wing design! ps i love when you post your drawingssss!!!

  2. Thanks Shell! She was actually just suppose to have a high collar made of twigs n' such. It didn't turn out too obvious which is my bad lol :P Thank you tho! ^___^