I said I'd put up progress as I go - SO I AM! :D
Here's a giant mish-mosh concept sheet of my two characters
for the new project at various stages.
I'm over halfway done with the animatic but I'm not sure if it's worth putting up yet.
It's really rough and I don't wanna give away all of the story :P
I might put up a snip it or bits of the video with before/after
comparisons as I start fleshing out shots.

Attended an IGDA meeting yesterday. It was awesome!
I don't know why I haven't been going to those. SO much great info for indie devs. Definitely gonna start going now. Meet some peeps, nom some brains - network. ^-^

Wrote up a design doc a couple days ago for a fun/simple game.
Jason said he'd code me a prototype. I'll update more if it gets rolling.

Decided to go gaslight London on a new game at work.
Sneaking in some steampunk here n' there.
And yes >___> there's a robot.
Should be out around the holidays.

Time to make some banana bread and play MW3. BOOM!