.Bizzy.Bits. (pt.1)

I decided to bounce around between personal projects rather than force myself onto one at a time. I get more variety that way and don't burn myself out.
(Somehow coming to that conclusion wasn't a 'duh' for me :P )
My big projects at the moment are the
graphic novel, music video, and early work on an indie game Bizzy will be in.
Other than that I'm doing some more tat designs for a couple friends
which is always really exciting. ^-^
It's flattering to know someone wants your art on their body forever.

I figured I'd start chipping away at Bizzy's different sprite states for the game. I just did flat colors on her for now. Once I figure out the style for the game I'll shade her accordingly and swap out images. BOOM!

She'll have her BeeBot with her.
I'll get to him a bit later as he's involved in some of her actions.

.Bizzy.Bits. (pt.1) from Ashley McLaughlin on Vimeo.

A dayjob related note:

Aces Bubble Popper came out today on iOS.
Here's the vid again.
Tap dat app!

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