Another one of my fiends. I've got these guys on the brain lately. I knew I wanted a big, sharp toothed, long-headed one this time. Other than that - wasn't sure where it was going to go.

The video ends up being pretty long... you've been warned. :D Had some trouble with my pen nib in a couple parts. It got a bit ragged. (Shading was difficult.) I have since remedied the situation and bought new ones. *geek glee*

These videos are proving to be fun and educational. (For me at least.) :P

.autonomous. from Ashley Erickson on Vimeo.



I recorded a sketch session the other night for fun. I went into this one without any solid vision of what I wanted, I just felt like drawing what came to mind. It was relaxing. ^-^ I'll probably record a painting in the near future. It's really interesting to watch your own process.

.Ubit'roga. from Ashley Erickson on Vimeo.



It's been awhile since I got on a dark art kick, but it's definitely necessary. It seems to be more of a challenge to be able to adequately portray the spectrum from adorable to horrific things, rather than focusing entirely on a particular style or feel. I enjoy being versatile, it keeps me on my toes. I can always apply the things I've learned to something at a later time. Nothing's ever wasted. :)


(I really wanted to make an octopus 'hat' >_>)

Original Ink
[no pun intended]

Also, I decided on a smaller project with Bizzy for the time being. Her original story is going to be a longer endeavor, but I thought to do something smaller to explore her character for right now. Sort of a "Pepper Project" (like Artgerm). However, it'll be a short animation rather than a series of 2d illustrations. It'll be a nice break and an easier project than the other two I have in progress currently.