.:) Yggy (:.

Starting Friday night and going until Sunday night I was at the Global Game Jam 2012 at the Nerdery. There were about 20ish people participating in our chapter. We were presented with the global theme of the Ouroburos

We were able to take from it whatever we wanted whether it be the circle, the snake, the life/death/rebirth meaning, or a cycle of some sort. Whatever direction we wanted to take our game in. We all then brainstormed as a giant group and went on to form small teams, pick an idea, and make a game. It was amazing being apart of such a giant creative collective.

My partners were the amazing Andy Korth and Scott Lembcke of Howling Moon Software (developers of the Chipmunk Physics engine).
Our GGJ12 game, "Yggy" is about a young Yggdrasil who's goal is to replenish the land with vegetation. Gameplay consists of shooting seeds into the mudmen converting them into plants n' such.
It's still missing a few things (health drops, full level transitions, smooth animations of mudmen turning into vegetation, etc.) but for 48 hrs this is what we were able to get done. Our idea ended up being life/death/rebirth. When a level ends Yggy grows into a tree and sprouts a new seed that becomes the player in the next level ^_^

Next IGDA meeting is a play party.
There were supposedly 2000 made worldwide, so why not play'em!
Groups from the IGDATC chapter will also be presenting. I think ours is one of them.

Yggy can be downloaded and played from our game page here:(for Mac)

IGDA Twin Cities GGJ site:


(Sorry for the blinkin'... seems to be a Vimeo thang.)


  1. I just got caught up on your posts about this.
    Pretty awesome! Seems like a fun way to generate ideas and just make something in a short time.
    Great stuff!
    Do you guys plan to finish it then?

  2. Totally! Great confidence boost to see what you're capable of when it's crunch time :P

    There are plans to finish it, yup. Andy & Scott were sweet enough to let us take the project. Hopefully we'll do it justice ^___^ Thank ya!

  3. I love the animations and art style! Nice work Ashley

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see the finished game!

  5. Thanks guys!! It'll take awhile to finish but will hopefully be pretty boss XD