I officially have too many irons in the fire...
I love it that way

Ready for an onslaught of infoz? I thought so!

Did a lot of stuff for the game QONQR
I'll give that its own post at a later time.

All my personal projects are still truckin'.
Started another one...I know. Shame on me.
I want to make a simple book that has a full illustration on each page 
that tells part of a story between a girl and her robot.
I have majority of the story parts figured out. 
I'm really excited for it.

I'm fairly confident these characters fought their way out of my subconsious for another go.
They're very similar to Agatha/Ezno,
whom I created in college during a rough patch of life.

.Agatha and Ezno from 2006.

They seem to have gone through a metamorphosis.
I was doing the top drawing and noticed the similarity later.
I didn't expect to ever use them for anything other than a sort of therapy.
I welcome their rebirth.


(Traditional media scans terribly...not to mention I'm a bit rusty hehe)


@thatgamecompany ended up retweeting this on twitter.
Got lotsa favs/follows. Was a special day ^-^

Jason's favorite Pokemon is Swadloon .
So I made him a plushie for his birthday. 
No pattern.
Totally surprised myself with this one ^___^

Kyle Mooney of Good Neighbor. He's just too cute/funny I couldn't help myself.
Try him out:
The interviews are hilarious.

Silly Megaman weapon concept for Capcom's Megaman Legends Weapon contest.
It fires bees. 
If it were up to me - every game would have a bee gun.

(Totally forgot to add these in the last post)
These were the only hard sketches I had of any assets in the game. 
All other assets were made raw in Flash.

The intro I did for our upcoming game Jellyflop is on youtube.

About a jellyfish that dreams of flying.
It's a physics adventure puzzler :P

Wanna give it a go? We always would love more feedback!
(Link to give feedback in game)
(Only on Android at the moment)

Follow lil Jelly and get updates on the game!

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