dI:.Bejeweled Beasts.:Ib

I've been in this 'slather accessories on pack/horned animals' mood.
You know the one I'm sure.

.Musk Ox.

Other #dailyDoodles from the past 2 weeks

It's Only Forever...

I adore David Bowie.
Especially in Labyrinth as Jareth.
I had to do this.
I'm not sorry 

It's Only Forever...

Progress Bits

For some reason it's ridiculously difficult to properly scan an inkwash
Kinda similar to scanning colored pencils.

]:.Grim Tremololololo.:[

This week's #DailyDoodle haul.
Pretty happy with the turnout :)

"with bullets in his hair"
fanart of Eric Draven from The Crow by James O'Barr
I love the comic and movie so much. 
Very raw emotions.

(No worries - he's alive ;P )

.Smooshie dog.
(chow chow)

.Grim Tremolo.
The reaper shepherding vermin plump with the Black Death.
(inkwash/colored pencil) 

She has a pear.
...and a super sweet under corset I wish existed.

Some shadow practice.
Never using construction paper with good pens/brushes again.

.Black Cap Mount.
These chickadees frequent my home.
They're friggin' adorable.


This past week's #dailyDoodles



I'm going to start putting my favorite #dailyDoodles in my blog from the week.
I post them usually everyday on my Instagram.
No reason not to post some here! :D

.dandelion owl.
Just got an iPad, this was my first painting! ^-^

.tassles, gems, n' fur.
Ink/Inkwash. Obsessed with tassels lately.


.feels like glass.
Another inkwash. A fat and a dragonfly :)

I did a 30min frame-by-frame water/wire animation study yesterday.
Using one of the pudgy characters from the new animation 
(like the one up above)
Didn't turn out too bad, still pretty rusty.