]:.Grim Tremololololo.:[

This week's #DailyDoodle haul.
Pretty happy with the turnout :)

"with bullets in his hair"
fanart of Eric Draven from The Crow by James O'Barr
I love the comic and movie so much. 
Very raw emotions.

(No worries - he's alive ;P )

.Smooshie dog.
(chow chow)

.Grim Tremolo.
The reaper shepherding vermin plump with the Black Death.
(inkwash/colored pencil) 

She has a pear.
...and a super sweet under corset I wish existed.

Some shadow practice.
Never using construction paper with good pens/brushes again.

.Black Cap Mount.
These chickadees frequent my home.
They're friggin' adorable.

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