Two weeks worth of doodles.
November has been crazy.
I've been participating in NaNoWriMo.
Well...sort of :P
I've made it artist friendly.
My goal is to fully write out one of my stories
to get it ready for illustration.
So far, so good!

.Feelin' lucky.

Samus and a worried Metroid

Sea fae riding a drooly-dribblin' crab

.Blacknose sheep.
Google them.
They're too cute to exist

From Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Cutie witch with a derpy bat

.More Bejeweled Beasts.
A Dik-Dik with a rat passenger

A Gerenuk in a turtleneck

Hooded Toucan

A messenger Heron with a dragonfly guide

A silly goose

.Jewelry side projects.
I also make jewelry when I need a break.
I've recently learned how to make tassels.
Go figure, right?
Tasselitis has been flaring up.

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