A little over a year ago I started doing short stories every once 
and awhile on my Instagram account.
(Under the hashtag #dailyStoryBits)
Each day another bit of story would be added.
There'd be no planning behind them.
Just impromptu story/illustration that (ideally) formed a narrative 
of some sort in the end.
I love doing them. They're incredibly fun!
There was a lot of pressure at first to make something
coherent, but eventually that fear went away.
I have trouble writing out stories in words sometimes,
but if I just start drawing them they seem to come together faster.

I thought I'd put together the last 3 I did for a blog post.
They're in order of when I made them.
I also had started using markers seriously for the first time.
(Hopefully there's a noticeable improvement over the course of the three ;P)
They all revolve around mice, totally unintentional.

Dates started:
1st story - 2/28/2013
2nd story - 5/7/2013
3rd story - 2/19/2014




Timber & Ollie
Timber the owl can't get around very easily so on most days Ollie the
 mouse will stop by to read him stories.

Ollie also brings Timber meals for the next day and tucks him in at night. 
Bedtime wouldn't be complete without his favorite blanky and cap.

Timber always looks forward to bath day.

Sometimes Ollie spends the night to protect and keep Timber company. 
Owls are mostly nocturnal, but not Timber. (He's afraid of the dark.)

Ollie stops by with a satchel of food for the next day, like always. 
But Timber is nowhere to be found.

Ollie mourns his fallen friend. 
He gets so lost in his sorrow he becomes oblivious to his surroundings... 

For the first time, Ollie let his guard down. At the worst possible moment.

Yoink! Ollie is relieved to no longer be that snake's lunch, 
but this new situation isn't exactly ideal either...

Down the hatch!

And yet again, Ollie is fast food. His little heart can't take much more of this...

As he contemplated how being eaten will feel, another thought struck him. "That's strange", Ollie pondered. 
"Majority of owls don't hunt during the daytime..."

Home sweet home! 
Timber was finally able to fly thanks to Ollie's meals. 
Best friends save each other!


Beyond Love

She was staring at me. 
And here I was with a face full of cheese bits.

She wouldn't have wanted this...

I loved seeing her happy.

Sometimes she surprised me too.

Nothing ever goes according to plan.

...I missed her too much...

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